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You will not sell anything if you have nothing to say.
Let your prospects get to know you and share your vision. Let them see your dedication which lasts. Catalogue is a graphic design product that presents your products or services to your potential clients.

What matters the most to me as a designer when designing a catalogue is to establish harmony between the text, pictures and colours. These are the catalogues created by me.




The FM World UK Catalogue contains all our products including Perfumes, Cosmetics, Smart and Clean home range, Aurile Teas and Nutricode.

Product Catalogue  truly exceptional, one catalogue but with two front covers! One way round the cover opens to show Utique, Fontainavie along with Food Supplement Range – Nutricode. Flip the catalogue over and there is another cover which opens to show Pure Collection, Skin & Body Care, Makeup, Aurile and Smart & Clean. Reversable covers make it easy to show your customers the products you think will appeal to them the most first, but also mean they still get to see the whole range in one catalogue. 


hair care products for FMCG company

The HAIRLAB luxury line was created at the renowned Ganassini Institutefounded in Milan in 1930. From the very beginning, the Ganassini
Institute has been specializing in creating modern pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic formulas. The luxury HAIRLAB line is a marriage of precious ingredients carefully selected in one of the best institutes in the world.


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seasonal products catalogue

When you’re a wholesaler and distributor of physical goods, you might notice a seasonal effect on the sale of your goods throughout the year. Depending on what you’re selling, you may see a dip or rise in sales just before the autumn/winter or spring/summer seasons, or before major holidays. This is seasonality at work here and it may cause you to stock-out or be over-stocked in certain goods because of this effect.


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Every customer is waiting for seasonal periods because of the price discounts. 
It’s the main bait for every campaign, and each new release or celebration should be accompanied by some kind of promotion! Why not create a new product catalogue with all your propositions?


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Design is Everything

Innovative NUTRICODE food supplement line which grew out of love for innovation and deep understanding of needs of a modern man. What distinguishes NUTRICODE from other products available on the market?


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PRICE LIST is very important for your business

If you don’t want to create any product catalogue, you can always have a price list with all your products. Simple!




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