LEAFLET DESIGN   I design print and digital marketing, corporate brochures, product brochures, promotional leaflets and pretty much anything else my clients need throughout the year on an ongoing basis.   I also liaised with printing businesses to establish the best materials for the job and to achieve streamlined deliveries, as time was of the… Read More


POSTER DESIGN Posters are a great advertising and marketing tool—but they also make for great decor. Decorative posters can add visual interest to a home, office, or business—and for a fraction of the cost of other art forms, like painting or sculpture. Balance and proportion are also important elements to keep in mind when designing… Read More


DIGITAL BANNERS Designing banners for websites, social media like Facebook or Instagram as well as all types of advertising materials to promote products and services online, is one of the main tasks which I deal with on a daily basis. You can include other important information briefly in the banner such as email address, phone… Read More
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